Best Caravan Hitch Cover in 2021

best caravan hitch cover

Another accessory? Yes, we know that owning a caravan isn’t as simple as just buying it, you also need a whole load of accessories. Some are an absolute necessity…others not so much.

Obviously, you can just ignore the accessories but that isn’t always a good idea. Most serve an important function that either protects your caravan, or makes your life a little easier.

In this post we will show you the benefits of a caravan hitch cover, why you need them, what to look for and a few other things to consider. We will then show you the best caravan hitch cover available to you and why.

Why should you get a caravan hitch cover?

There are multiple reasons why you should get a cover. For the amount they cost, they are actually great value for money and provide plenty of benefits.

  • Protection from rusting
  • Protect you from sharp edges
  • Stop your clothes getting dirty
  • Keep a clean working environment
  • Protect the support wheel& hitch lock
  • Protect electrical connections
  • Theft prevention
  • Deters criminal damage
  • Visually more appealing when parked

Best caravan hitch cover in 2021

Take a look at some of these highly rated caravan hitch covers below. Each one of these has received some terrific feedback on design, build quality and longevity.

Caravan Defender Tow Hitch Cover

Secured with a quick fitting strap and buckle which makes fitting and removing the tow hitch cover much easier, this is one of the best sellers on the market.

An excellent product from Defender. As one of the best selling caravan hitch covers, it protects the hitch, brake and cables wonderfully well. One of the better looking covers too that looks premium rather than looking too ‘plasticky’. With the cover locked in place via a plastic buckle clip, it holds the cover securely to the A frame. Overall, some excellent ratings and some very pleased customers. Click the link below to read their experiences.

Blue Diamond Hitch Cover

As one of the cheapest covers on the market, it serves a purpose and gets the job done.

If you are looking for a basic cover at a low cost, this one may well be just up your street. At a mere £6 the last time we checked, i represents value for money. It may not be the most attractive looking nor latest design, but it’s waterproof and has a drawstring to pull it tight. Buyers seem to be happy with the price and quality of it. Click the link below to read their experiences.

Vango Caravan Hitch Cover

Simple, functional and solid. This Vango cover will last you a while! A little more expensive than some others…is it worth the extra?

This nicely designed cover is appealing to the eye. With a great build quality, it should see many years of usage. Simple and effective, yet understated design, it secures well and covers the hitch perfectly. It is at the more expensive end so consider if it is worth paying the premium for.

Eluto Hitch Cover

One of the best selling hitch covers on Amazon, its easy to see why. Great build quality and fantastic customer feedback, its the one to beat.

With a water-resistant & breathable material, it has four layers of non-woven fabric, which makes it more durable and tear resistant than nylon and canvas. It also makes it reduce the chance of condensation build up. Considering the price too, it has a host of design features that put others to shame. With it’s fluorescent strips, it is stitched to the hem for extra protection, increased strength and water resistance. It surely has to be the one to beat…especially considering the price!

What are caravan hitch covers made from?

They are made from a range of materials. The most common material is a heavy-duty PVC, but they are also available in vinyl, polyester and fabrics.

Which is the best material? That really depends on your own needs. Personally, I prefer one made from fabric as it is more suited to the harshness of the UK climate better.

What makes a good caravan hitch cover?

With so many covers on the market, there are a few things to look for. A caravan towing cover is not something that you want to constantly have to replace, at the end of the day, it is just a functional accessory…looking nice is just a bonus.

Their primary purpose is protecting the trailer hitch. This means that any cover you choose must give you great protection from the heaviest of rain.

When you are towing your caravan, you will know all about the amount of water and debris that gets thrown up. This obviously has the potential to damage and erode the hitch. A cover should always do a great job of protecting it.

A great fit

That is why a hitch cover that is tight fitting gives the best results. Often these are based on elasticated drawstrings or some form of cord. This adjustability means that you can cover the caravan hitch tightly which lowers the risk of damage.

Protects the drawstring or closing mechanism

You obviously want your tow hitch cover to last, choose a cover that actually protects the cord too. The best covers have the drawstrings integrated into the design so they are not exposed. This stops them fraying and getting damaged. If the drawstring breaks, it may mean that you need a replacement hitch cover. You also have the option now of buying a heavy duty caravan hitch cover.

Doesn’t fade easily

Since hitch covers spend most their time in the elements, they are exposed to the sun. Over time, poor hitch covers will start to fade since they have no ultra violet protection. A good caravan cover will have that UV protection that will keep it looking good as new.


Many covers have moved away from cord, drawstrings and bungee rope. Some of the better covers now have zips integrated into them as well as adjustable straps and buckles.


Since it is unlikely that your touring caravan will have its own trailer hitch cover, it is more likely that you will need a universal hitch cover. The universal fit hitch covers tend to be more accommodating with adjustable straps. Most of these also come with their own custom storage bag.

Are hitch covers necessary?

Simply…no. Just like most caravan accessories, hitch covers serve a function. Whether you value that function is up to you. For the relatively low cost of this tow cover, it makes sense to buy it.

They bring plenty of benefits without any real drawbacks. Given that most caravan owners have them, I think that answers itself.

Can I get a personalised caravan hitch cover?

You can get them made specifically to your own design. Whether that is your own pattern, graphics or wording.

Personally, I don’t really see what more they bring. There are plenty of commercially available ones that are attractive enough. However, some people have their own style. A cursory google search will bring up plenty of suppliers.

best caravan tow hitch cover
Best Caravan Tow Hitch Cover

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