Where Can I Move My Static Caravan to?

where can I move my static caravan to

Before you are at the stage of asking yourself where can I move my static caravan to …we first need to establish why you are moving it in the first place.

Understanding this will help you consider the options. Not all the options will be open to you so it is something that you need to consider carefully, weighing up the advantages and disadvantages. Importantly, you must carefully weigh up the financial considerations…they can be significant. More on this later.

In this article, not only will I look at where I can move my static caravan to, I will also consider if you can move a static caravan and what the costs are of moving a static caravan. Please note that this discussion is about static caravans only. Touring caravans have considerations that are not the same and have their own specific issues.

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Why would you need to move a static caravan?

Essentially, there are a couple of reasons why you would need to move a static caravan. I’m making the assumption here that it is currently at a residential site.

Of course, it could be a static caravan on private land where you want to have it moved. I will discuss moving static caravans later.

Assuming that it is currently at a residential park, there are a few reasons why you may want to move it.

Your term at your existing residential park may have come to an end and you no longer want to stay there. You are therefore obligated to remove it. More on this later as it is not as simple as you may think.

You may have sold your static caravan on the private market…or you may have bought it privately. Again, finding somewhere that will accept it may be difficult.

If you already have your perfect static home or you own one that is relatively new, you may not want to sell it. The best option for you may be to move it to a new destination.

Can you move a static caravan?

The simple answer is yes…but the big issue is where you will move it too.

Will residential parks accept my static caravan on their site?

Whether you are thinking of moving your static caravan to a residential park or a holiday park, there may be a few hurdles to get over to move your static caravan there.

Before you do this, you need to understand the business model that these parks operate with. Their principle profit area is selling static homes. This is where they make their money. Not only do they bank the profit from selling a home, they also get the site fees too as well as profits from on site services.

The issue for you is that the number of plots are always limited, especially at popular locations. Since your home may be there for many years, site owners want to sell the static homes to new buyers. They are probably not going to be particularly receptive to your offer of moving your caravan to them. Why would they give up that potential profit for you?

The answer to that is difficult to answer…it is always worth asking. One thing is for sure, if they do accept your static caravan onto their site, they will make sure that you pay for the privilege. You will be invoiced for the privilege so be prepared to haggle.

Even if they accept your proposal, they may have certain standards that they expect of you. Your home may not be allowed if it is a number of years old. Most parks have a 10-year limit. They may simply think that your home is too old.

It may also not fit with the image of their park. Some parks like consistency as it gives it a uniform or more pleasant look. The caravans may be a certain colour or a certain brand type. If yours does not match this, it will simply not be allowed.

Having said all this, it is always worth making an enquiry at your preferred park. They can only say no. In some cases, there may be a few empty plots that they do not expect to sell. It is therefore financially beneficial to at least profit from the site fees. Something is better than nothing. Take the chance and make the enquiry.

Moving your static caravan to private land

You would like to think that if you owned a piece of land…especially in an idyllic location, it should not be an issue placing a temporary home there that is self-sufficient.

Let me stop you there. There is a problem. Namely planning permission.

In order to do that, you would need to go through the planning process which would not only involve a cost but a significant amount of time. If it is an idyllic location, the chances of succeeding is pretty minimal.

You can place your static caravan on your land in certain circumstances. The land would need to be your main dwelling and within the ‘curtilage’ of your home. Essentially this means your drive or garden. No planning permission is required here.

However, you cannot live in the static caravan if it is a standalone entity. There must be a reliance on the main dwelling. It is known as annexation. So, you can use it as a guest bedroom or a breakaway space, but you cannot rent it out separately without providing access to the main residence.

How do I move my static caravan?

Moving a static caravan is not a simple task. It needs some serious organisation and consideration. It is highly unlikely that you can handle this task yourself.

Luckily, there are commercial options for you that make this possible. They will consider the planning and route management to ensure it is done safely.

Obviously, it comes at a pretty high cost as it requires manpower and specialist equipment, as well as other costs. If your static caravan is 12ft or wider, you will also have to pay for a lead car. This also involves the police clearing your route.

As with anything, speak with a few companies before making your decision. Compare quotes and see what they offer.

You should also check with your existing park at this point as to what they allow. Most will not allow external companies onto the site to remove a static caravan. At best, the site will move your static caravan to another part of the site for collection. Here is the issue…they will charge you for the privilege. This means you are not only paying the caravan movers; you are also paying the caravan site too.

Add all this together, you need to establish it all this still makes it cost effective to move your static caravan.

In some cases, it may be beneficial to simply accept the derisory offer made by the caravan park. It will hurt, but the maths may make this the best option.


Where can I move my static caravan to? Anywhere you want…but you will pay for it. Most static caravan owners know that the odds are always weighted in the favour of caravan sites.

The solution is to think very carefully before you make any decision. Do the math. Selling up may be the better option, no matter how much it angers you.

If you are absolutely determined to move your static caravan, ask the caravan site if there is anywhere else in the group where you could move too. Often, they have multiple sites where you may actually prefer. In some cases, the fees may be lower and it may be the better all-round deal.

Let me know what you think…have you ever moved a static caravan? Why did you do that and what was the cost? Was it one of your better decisions?

Leave a comment below and let the Caravaner community know.

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how easy is it to move a static caravan
How easy is it to move a static caravan

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